Canberra sunset on Christmas Eve 

Christmas presents that all have been customised for individual people.

Merry Christmas. 

I hope my friends enjoy their present. :) 

Home made key rings in a designed box.

Hiking in Canberra. Views from all over. 

Black Mountain tower, Kangaroos and fresh air. 

Scenic view of Canberra. Wonderful country view only ten minutes from the city. 


Darwin is such a amazing place, so much to do and see.  I will go back one day. Amazing views and animals.  

The Little ones 

Darwin is such a amazing place, so much to do and see.  One I will go back one day. Amazing views and animals.  

Congratulations to Dane and Hannah’s wedding. I designed and packaged their own present. A glass holder and personalised door sign.  I hope both of them like it.

Experimenting with my camera. I reckon I got some good shots. 

Fixed up a mates bike with white Led lights. 

Looks bloody awesome but was a lot of work 


Car: Porsche 964 Carrera

Location: Armagh, UK

Story: This is the second time I have shot John Peden’s Porsche 964. First time was for my own blog Michael Burroughs of Stance|Works contacted me to see if I would shoot it again for Stance|Works - as you can see I agreed :)

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What is worse than this? T-shirts reprint!.

Hi, I’m Byron the guy behind this blog Betype, some months ago I made a campaign noting the little annoying things of life like dropping your icecream, youtube restriction, stepping on a lego, etc. compared to the disease: Cancer.

Why I did this?

I have less than a week to make a pre-orders of a minimum of 25 t-shirts, Learn more here:

If you can’t help me buying the t-shirt you will help a lot spreading the word.!

In case you’re wondering extend this campaign until this upcoming friday due to problems with the payment system. The people who want to buy a t-shirt with their debit/credit card can do it by using an email not associated with paypal, if you use an email used with paypal the debit card option won’t appear.

The T-shirts will be printed and shipped by the awesome guys of Saucebox Screen Studio a print studio based on Atlanta, GA. You can check his website here: also they have twitter: 

I have

I have built, designed and created
I have researched, developed and innovated
I have sketched, rendered and delivered

These are very basic skills but if you could master them.
There is nothing you couldn’t accomplish. 
This is all you need to succeed.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise……..

Design is about creating and the basic human qualities was also designed, so it shouldn’t be difficult for us designer’s to comprehend.

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